NEXT EVENT: September 29, 2016

SOC Alumni Spotlight – Feb. 2017


Name: Rod McDonald 

What Program did you graduate from? SOC MA, Producing For Film & Video 

What year did you graduate? 2004

Spotlight questions:
1. What is your job/what do you do? Director of Main Stage Productions and Guest Services at George Washington University. I manage and oversee daily elements of the Events & Venues department including managing technical services for productions and managing Theater’s Staff.

2. What is the secret to success in the work that you do. Hard work and Networking. In film and television production, the community is small.  Many people call on people they’ve worked with before to find new production staff. Make sure the people you work with have a positive work experience with you. You never know when someone’s looking for someone just like you.

3. What is your most memorable experience from the SOC? Thesis Project. Creating my thesis project probably gave me the biggest understanding of what it was to be a producer and it definitely gave me a sense of accomplishment after completing.

4. Do you have a mentor?. If so, how has your mentor helped along your career path? Yes and No. I haven’t had one person to personally mentor me but I’ve definitely learned quite a bit from people that were more experienced than I.

5. What advice would you give current graduate students? Enjoy the process that you’re going through. It will go by fast, but you’ll learn invaluable information that you will definitely utilize in your future endeavors. Enjoy the Process.

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