NEXT EVENT: September 29, 2016

SOC-GSC Presidents’ Message – Sept 2016

Fall is a time of change. Leaves change color, time falls back 1 hour and the temperature gets cooler. Change can be difficult and a bit unforgiving, but it is necessary to bring about new beginnings.

We have chosen a path to change our environment, change our thoughts and change our lives. We took the difficult steps to become graduate students despite our current situations and despite everything we “think” we already know. It is critical for us to remember that change doesn’t last forever and the process makes room for what is new, what is possible and what is great.

So how great are you? Great enough to be bold? Great enough to be different? Great enough to be yourself? Great enough to allow the world to see who you are? Great enough to share your greatness with others? You should be… that great.

Allow the change to happen, so you can be your greatest self. The world is waiting on you.


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