NEXT EVENT: September 29, 2016

SOC-GSC Presidents’ Message

When I started as a graduate student in the Fall of 2015, I couldn’t imagine how much my life would change. I had been far removed from college life, I was married and a mother to an energetic 5 year old. I was a little older and a little “wiser.” I was also a little nervous. 

I didn’t know if I could juggle all of my personal responsibilities and be a full time student. I imagined it would take a lot time to get adjusted. But quickly, I realized I wasn’t in this alone. Those nerves that I experienced having been more than 15 years removed from college life, made way for an overwhelming sense of relief. I was relived to know that others in my cohort were also cut from the same cloth. They were mother’s, fathers, recent undergraduate students, those new to tv production and some well seasoned in tv production. We were all there to learn new things and discover another person inside of us. American University is helping us to become the people we want to be and attain the career we desire. 

After the first year, full of pride, I chose to give back to the university who is helping me to become the person I want to be. I sought to join the SOC Graduate Student Council. 

Since becoming president, we have sent students to New Orleans to attend a business conference, began to form partnerships with SOC administrators and retained the brightest students in the SOC graduate programs to serve on the GSC board. 

With another year to go and more things to learn, I challenge you. I challenge you to learn all that you can, experience all the things you can handle and be best the best that you can be. Have fun in the process and you’ll make it. You will come out on top. You have made great decisions so far. Make it a great year!